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Canada Delegation


Thank you for visiting our website. On behalf of our staff, I would like to extend my hearty welcome to you to our Delegation! With a sense of profound satisfaction, I am deeply delighted to be the first Ambassador of The Royal House of Georgia in Canada.

The Delegation has been organized to provide loyal service to His Royal Highness Prince Nugzar Bagration-Gruzinsky, advance the organization and structure of the nation of Georgia, provide a means for like-minded nobles to band together for increased influence, and to generally promote good governance of the Royal House.

In 2006 a memorandum was signed by the House of Bagrationi, according to which Nugzar Bagrationi-Gruzinski is recognized as heir to the throne. The memorandum rests upon the legal, historical and genealogical basics; historical-legal documents of the historians of the Academy of Sciences; recognitions of the Georgian genealogical society and the assembly of the Georgian nobility; the historical-legal documents preserved in the archives of the Georgian and Russian state archives; recognitions of all Russian Monarchy Centre and the scientific board of the Moscow Memorial Museum of the Russian Imperial Name and the Peter-Paul Imperial Society.

Presently, the distinguished name of Bagrationi has over one hundred known descendants. Naturally, not every descendant has an equal claim to be the heir to the Georgian Royal Throne. The issue of rightful succession is regulated by Georgian dynastic law and supported by international law. Under these laws, His Royal Highness Prince Nugzar Bagrationi-Gruzinski is the rightful heir to the Georgian Royal Throne.

All royal privileges and regal honors are based entirely on the rights and privileges of sovereignty. Take away deposed sovereign rights (called non-territorial sovereignty in international law) and there is nothing left. All the qualities of jus imperii, jus gladii, jus majestatis, and jus honorum are gone. Obviously, after this, no right exists to operate an authentic order of chivalry, because there is no fons honorum based on anything authentic.

The mission of our Delegation in the Canada is to strengthen the bonds of friendship. I will do whatever may serve that purpose and now intends to emulate all the efforts and enhancing relations. The activities of this Delegation reflect the commitment and willingness consist of bolstering a wide range of political, economic and cultural cooperation with a view to enhancing development of our bilateral relations and strengthening mutual understanding and friendship between our two countries.

Thus our website will show, among others, The Royal House's true glory and wonders and it has also many useful linkages which will lead you to interesting information sources in Georgia. I sincerely hope that clicking our pages, you can get a glimpse at our activities, facts about The Royal House of Georgia and what's happening in the Royal Family of His Royal Highness Prince Nugzar Bagration-Gruzinsky.

Thank you very much again for your interest in the Royal House of Georgia. We wish to improve the quality of our website and would like to request your valuable opinions and comments regarding the contents of our pages. 

His Honor Raindi Don Salvatore Ferdinando Antonio Caputo, KGCGK

Canada Delegate


Salvatore Caputo was born in a noble family in 1942 when Italy was a kingdom ruled by the House of Savoy, kings of Italy since the Risorgimento and previously rules of Savoy. But after 4 years, monarchy was abolished by popular referendum in June 2, 1946. Italy became a republic.

At the age of 15, he was brought up in Canada where after he spends his life traveling to Brazil, Guatemala and Philippines as a prominent director of multinational Corporations. Since he became conscious of politics, there has not been a president who he felt was a satisfactory symbol of the countries visited, and who he could admire as a focus for non-partisan patriotism. This is essentially why he came to support monarchy…..although his enthusiasm for royalty dates from childhood.

Don Salvatore Ferdinando Antonio Caputo is a monarchist that believes that a hereditary Monarchy, with a Sovereign, non-corrupt one with religious values and culture and tradition, conducted with immense kindness and whose role was thrust upon him by accident of birth rather than by being a politician, is the most perfect form of government in a nation. 

Contrary to a Republic's President, the Sovereign will insure the continuity in a time schedule. He/she is always aware about important files and he/she acts to push these files up to their conclusion. That is not the case for a president. When his period will be ended, he will return to the every day's life and another President will come with his idea and who knows how.

Mr. Caputo supports the present heads of exiled or non-reigning Houses as de jure sovereigns, this recognition being co-existent with the realization that the institution is more important than a particular claimant. A monarch through the vestiges of that misunderstood Divine right and because of his symbolic paternal role faces a higher responsibility than a state government.

The justification of the hereditary succession is not only in the upbringing of the future king, not only in the continuity of a line but in the fact that an hereditary ruler does not owe his position to any particular social or interest group, but rather to divine will alone. The formula "by the Grace of God" is a constant reminder to the sovereign that an accident of birth was responsible for his position and must prove his fitness by ceaseless efforts in the cause of justice.

The monarch is always there, a permanent symbol of the state and man's relationship to it. The modern monarch is often above the fray of partisan politics, an advocate for his nation's principles, if not its specific governmental policies. Today, a monarch may reign but not rule. The interest of monarchy is to serve, to serve the country, the people and not be served.

It is a misconception to imagine that the monarchy exists in the interests of the monarch. It doesn’t. It exists in the interests of the people. It is sometimes said that Country can never be a really modern state while it still has a monarchy. This of course ignores countries like United Kingdom, Japan, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands and many others all of which are modern constitutional monarchies in modern countries where majority of the people of those nations have absolutely no intention of removing their monarchy because of the benefits they recognize they derive from it.

On the subject of disputed successions in former monarchies and concerning non-reigning royals he undertakes “tolerant” attitude of neutrality though not impartiality, in certain cases, he has a candidate he considers the legitimate one. He advocates of the establishment, preservation and restoration of a monarchy and stays neutral on the issue of juridical recognition of reigning and Sovereign Houses, which is of exclusive competence of their respective State Systems and desires exclusively to support their traditional humanitarian commitment at the service of international collaboration.

Don Salvatore Ferdinando Antonio Caputo, Entrepreneur, President of “Caputo International, Ltd.” is an International Marketing Consultant, who has 40 years of experience helping companies both large and small to develop their marketing The Company was founded in September 1985, Toronto, Canada, in December 1990 in U.S.A. and in Guatemala on March 1993. Mr. Caputo was educated in Italy, Canada and US holding several degrees. 

 Mr. Caputo speaks and writes fluently Italian, English, Spanish, and Portuguese, read French. He worked in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Philippines and Guatemala; traveling worldwide for International Organizations making valuable contacts that later gave him the opportunity to introduce, under his company, new products in Europe, Asia, Africa, Canada and United States of America.

For 25 years he searched his family story going back to year 1200 and wrote a book in Italian language. The book contains description of each ancestor up to the present member of the family. The genealogy was prepared with the aid of the Heraldic Institute “Heraldic Coccia” in Florence (Italy) and “Ancestor Ltd.” of England, the Heraldic Institute of Milan, (Italy) and finally the Center Heraldic Studies of Varese (Italy).

On 27th September, 1947, the Italian Republic abolished titles. Those granted after 28 October 1922 are revoked (during the Fascist era) but those existing before then though no longer titles of nobility are recognized as part of the family name.

- Mr. Caputo was admitted in the prestigious “Famiglie Storiche d’Europa ESF”(Historical Families of Europe ESF) in the category of MERITORIOUS MEMBER which is among the highest, the second after the Honorary Member (who are already sovereign members of the family). Mr. Caputo was admitted because belonging to a historic Italian family.

In addition, that was desired by:

  • The President H.R. & I.H. Archduke Josef Karl of Austria-Hungary, Prince of Hungary, and Captain General of Vitezi Rend.
  • From the Vice President of SAS the Prince Marquis Don Maurizio Ferrante Gonzaga of Vodice di Vescovato
  • From the Vice President S.E. Don Guglielmo Giovanelli Marconi, of the Princes Giovanelli
  • From the Secretary General, the nobleman Pier Felice degli Uberti, Count of Cavaglià
  • And from the general Members´meeting.

--Collaborator for "The International Confederation of Genealogy and Heraldry C.I.G.H."

 - Correspondent Member of "Istituto Araldico Genealogico Italiano IAGI"

- Honorary Doctor of Science from the Heritage International University. This high status in given in consideration of significant contributions to the legal and historical understanding of monarchy, nobility and chivalry. 

- From the Royal House of Georgia was Caputo granted honoris causa the High Rank and Title of Didebuli Azanauri (great noble) and Knight Grand Cross of Justice of the Royal Order of the Crown of the Georgian Kingdom.


While Salvatore Caputo Family is descended from an ancient lineage, having with time in-depth studied nobility law, he makes no claim to royal, princely or ducal against what might appear on some websites or blogs and makes no pretension or claim to be such.


- Founder of CAPUTO CHILDREN´S FUND an International Charitable and Social Welfare Entity, nonprofit, apolitical, non-religious and independent Non Governmental Organization (NGO), dedicated to provide humanitarian assistance to people with extreme poverty and where inevitability necessity of food, education, literacy, health and sanitation, human development, and all sorts of needs without regard to race, religion or national origin. The primary objective is to aid starving children. We operate from Guatemala City. The Foundation is registered at the Government Ministry under the following numbers: Number 24850, folio 24850, book 1 of Electronic System, 10/12/2009. Application N0. 51091118430. Web Site:

-Founder of “THE INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION AND ASSOCIATION ON NOBILITY”. This Commission and Association on Nobility was established in January 2008 to unite and honor in its membership those persons who represent the contemporary Nobility which remains latent but hidden in the shadows. This Association is based on the ideals of chivalry, nobility, aristocracy and for the Defense of International Nobility. It also includes a number of Honorary Members. Letter from our Royal Patron, HRH Cown Prince Leka II of the Albanias. Letter from our Royal Patron HRH Crown Prince Nugzar Bagrationi-Gruzinki. of Georgia. Letter from HM King Kigeli V of Rwanda. Web Site:

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