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Description of the Armorial Achievement of the Crown Prince of Georgia,

His Royal Highness Prince Nugzar Bagrationi-Gruzinski

On a fillet cross Or (gold) with 38 reversed Argent (silver) triangles, the shield is quartered. The 38 triangles represent the ancient Georgian alphabet, called Asomtavruli, which had 38 letters.

The first quarter of the shield – Gules (red) charged with an Argent tile. Upon the tile is an Or Tunic of Christ.

The second quarter of the shield – Azure (blue) charged with the biblical King David's Or lyre with Argent strings and an Or and Argent slingshot with a Gules stone.

The third quarter of the shield – Azure charged with a Gules orb trimmed in Or, a Georgian symbol from the period of Queen Tamar, a saltire of an Or scepter and Argent sword trimmed in Or, and an Argent scale with Or bowls.

The fourth quarter of the shield – Gules charged with an upright Argent cross bottony upon which rests an Or Tunic of St. Mary.

The shield contains an inescutcheon that is Or charged with St. George upon a Sable (black) horse slaying a Vert (green) dragon. St. George has an Or nimbus, Or cross upon his lance, and a Gules tunic.

Supporters for the shield are Or Paskunjis (Griffins) segreant. They stand upon an Or compartment. Under the compartment lies the mythological Golden Fleece proper.

The arms are surmounted by a royal crown of Georgia proper that is supported by angels proper volant each brandishing an Argent sword.

The armorial achievement is decorated with a circle belt that is interwoven into an octagon with celestial stars on each of the seven highest points; this is symbolic of the heavenly paradise of Georgia. The motto integrated into the octagon is in Asomtavruli and says the biblical scripture from Psalms: "The Lord swore an oath to David, a sure oath We will not revoke: ‘one of your own descendants I will place on your throne’". Underneath the above is a motto written in Mkhedruli, the modern Georgian alphabet, which reads, “May All of Georgia Be Blessed”.

As an aside, the law of tincture is not customary in Georgia, so the heraldic metals Or and Argent may be placed together.

These coat-of-arms have been designed by the fanous artist Emir Burdzhanadze.

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